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Sober Living in New Hampshire


Once treatment at a New Hampshire drug addiction center is complete, the next step is to decide how to begin the new life and where. For many, they have been addicted for so long that they don’t know where to go, and they have no home to return to. For these individuals, sober living in New Hampshire is the best option for their new start.


About Sober Living in New Hampshire

You can find homes for sober living in New Hampshire. Some are part of treatment centers while others are stand-alone programs for the next step in recovery after treatment. They are generally located in quiet residential neighborhoods in single family homes or multi-family dwellings, such as duplexes or triplexes.

Once an addict has been detoxed or completed treatment in a residential treatment center, they can apply for housing in one of these homes. They must hold a job or be actively searching for one or be enrolled in school. They have to be able to pay their rent and purchase their own food.

Everyone who lives in one of these homes is a recovering addict. They may be at different points in the process, but all of them must be drug-free. Each person has at least one roommate, and many times more than one. There are also common areas that everyone can use, such as the kitchen and living room or family room.


Rules and Requirements

Residing in a sober living home is a lot like living in an apartment, except the resident may have more roommates, and they have strict rules to follow. One rule is a strict curfew, which keeps them from being out late at night unless they are at work. This helps prevent access to drugs and alcohol and those who would entice them back into their old life.

Other rules include no violence or fighting with other residents. The home is to be a safe place for everyone. All residents are assigned chores, which they must do to remain in the home. They must not bring in any banned items, which includes anything with high alcohol content. This rule is in place to ensure no one has access to getting high or drunk within the home when they have cravings.

If the rules are broken, the person may pay a heavy fine or suffer other discipline, including eviction. The goal is to keep everyone safe and on the path to recovery and rule breakers aren’t tolerated.


The Benefits of Sober Living in New Hampshire

For many addicts, they have nowhere else to go. Sober living becomes the only home they can find and they may stay for several months until they get on their feet. There is usually no deadline for when someone must leave. Each person can leave when they feel ready as long as they follow the rules and are able to pay their rent.

The structure is another benefit for many addicts. They like have organization and rules and it helps them maintain recovery. They have fewer decisions to make, which allows them to focus on the ones they do have to make as they learn how to function without the assistance of drugs or alcohol. They can develop confidence in their own ability to stay sober and drug-free. The support of the other residents helps keep them moving forward.

These homes can be the ideal answer for someone about to leave treatment. They allow the person to adjust to life slowly and at their own pace while offering a safe haven. Anyone completing treatment or with a family member about to embark on a new drug-free life may want to consider these homes as the next step.