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Partial Hospitalization in New Hampshire

Partial Hospitalization in New Hampshire

People seeking addiction treatment in New Hampshire will discover various options. Partial hospitalization in New Hampshire is one option they may not be aware of. It offers more structured care like residential treatment while allowing the person to spend some time at home as with outpatient rehab. This option may be the best fit for certain patients.



Learning about Partial Hospitalization

This program is also referred to as a PHP or day and night treatment program. The person attends intensive treatment all day at a New Hampshire facility. They often begin with detox and then move on to therapy. When each day’s treatment is finished, the person goes home to spend the night before returning to therapy the next day.

Instead of going home, another option is to stay in a sober living home for the night. Some treatment centers have these homes, or you can find them throughout the state privately owned by nonprofit organizations.

Partial hospitalization in New Hampshire provides different treatment programs for addicts. They cover everything from detox to drug education to relapse prevention. They provide traditional programs such as individual counseling and group therapy. They also offer family therapy and alternative treatments. The center may concentrate on behavioral therapy or include motivational interviewing and Motivational Incentives. It may provide medications and even treat dual diagnosis.

No PHP offers every kind of treatment, which is why anyone seeking treatment should compare more than one facility to ensure they choose the one that fits their needs best. Addicts and family members can tour these facilities and ask questions of the staff to find out specific information and details about the ones they are considering.


Who Should Consider Partial Hospitalization in New Hampshire?

Partial hospitalization programs aren’t for everyone, but they do serve a wide range of people. A prime candidate for this type of program is someone who has already completed residential treatment successfully, but they aren’t ready to be out on their own. They can gradually adjust to independent living by spending nights alone and receiving treatment during the day.

Another person who might consider partial hospitalization in New Hampshire is someone who needs more treatment and structure than an outpatient center provides but doesn’t require the 24-hour supervision of residential care. They can avoid many of the triggers because they spend hours in treatment, but they still get to interact with family for a few hours each day.

The person best suited to this program is the one who can avoid triggers and will be able to maintain sobriety for a few hours at a time on their own. They must be committed to recovery for this type of treatment to work.

When considering a partial hospitalization program, you must also decide where you will spend the overnight hours. A sober living home offers more rules and less independence than moving to your own place or in with family. For some, this may be the better choice. Others will want to try living on their own while having the daily support of therapy to help them deal with issues.

These programs can last 30 days or much longer, depending on the New Hampshire center and the patient’s need. The design can make it easier to adjust to life after addiction at a slower pace.

If you have a loved one who needs treatment for a drug addiction, you may want to suggest a partial hospitalization program to them. Pick up the phone and speak with an addiction specialist today to learn more about the benefits of partial hospitalization and how the program works. No one has to battle addiction alone with all of these resources available to help them begin recovery.